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 Here's The FAQ

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PostSubject: Here's The FAQ   Here's The FAQ Icon_minitimeTue Feb 09, 2010 8:16 pm

This forum was actually suggested by Cara, and I love the idea it was an awesome suggestion.

What you do:

There's some people who went to chat you may not remember or have trouble remembering kind of like a "this was me then, this is me now" kind of thing, so what you do is fill this out:

Screen name(s) in chat:
Age when you started MSN Groups:
Age now:
MSN Group(s) you were a member of:
MSN Group(s) you mostly attended:
Picture of me then:
Picture of me now:
Personality in chat: (example: I was the pervert, joker, quiet ect)

and anything else you might want to add.. Like what youre up to these days, what youre going for a living, blah blah
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Here's The FAQ
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